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This is how the Lightpods products developed

What the LightPods headphones can do now and what not! In the long run, the headphones become more and more qualitative and comfortable. According to the motto "The future is wireless", we rely on the wearables trend of the next generation. 

Development and progress 

November 2019 

(1) Pop function with battery indicator (1)
(2) Binaural calls 
(3) Original size Airpods 2 
(4) Wireless charging 
(5) In-ear detect sensor (the music stops automatically as soon as you remove headphones) 
(6) 6D hifi sound 
(7) Tap Control (tapping the earpods pauses the music or changes the title) 
(8) Battery life max. 4h 


March 2020 (Release of the 3rd generation- LightPods PRO) 

(9) Change Name
(10) Custom Tap Control 
(11) GPS function (locate and find the headphones)
(12) HD microphone (not yet ideal for long calls) 
(13) 9D hifi sound 
(14) Siri voice function 
(15) Original text signatures
(16) JL chip 
(17) Charging case opened up to 120 degrees (previously 90 degrees)
(18) Original size Airpods Pro 


June 2020 

(19) Airoha Chip (Improved coupling quality, sound transmission and durability)  
(20) ANC Chip (60% Active Noise Canceling (25DB))
(21) Improved pop-up display (without battery jumps)
(22) Improved the quality of the metal grille on the PRO models 
(23) metal hinges with reverse magnet (when folded it sounds a bit like the original) 
(24) Force Touch (pressure sensor) only PRO models
(25) Improved sound 10D hifi sound (powerful, balanced sound in the dynamic frequency range and noise isolation for a first-class sound experience) 
(26) New product variant: Slide Volume (directly via the earpods, adjust the volume)

Model LP 2 White Edition LP 2 Black Edition LP PRO White Edition LP PRO Black Edition

* This display is constantly updated to the latest functionality and features

The products are developed in collaboration with our exclusive manufacturers. We are working on fulfilling and further improving your quality requirements. Remember that the headphones have the best price-performance ratio on the market - many useful functions at a great price. Our products are far from the level of the originals, so keep that in mind. Slumps in quality can also occur occasionally. We are always available for this via the chat function. We usually reply within minutes or at the latest within 24 hours. You can expect first-class customer service from us, we leave no question unanswered. 


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